View Full Version : Button Text when shortcode is used

02-26-2014, 03:14 PM

I want to show the Likebutton in excerpt, but I need another button beside it. So when I put my button in the excerptarea of my WP-Post, the Likebutton does not appear anymore.
So the solution could be to insert the likebutton via shortcode to the excerpt. So far everythig is nice, but the buttontext is "Like". I wanna have another text here. I wrote my text in Settings -> Buttons -> Labels, but nothing changed.

So how do I change the text of the button?

03-03-2014, 08:19 AM
You can pass paramers in the shortcode:

[likebtn i18n_like="Custom text for the Like"]

See http://likebtn.com/en/wordpress-like-button-plugin#shortcode