View Full Version : Ad blockers hide my LIKE button

11-23-2015, 10:46 PM
My like button is not showing if i enable adblocking plugins/extensions in web browsers (with social buttons blocking option) .... Why is that ?

Example page : http://audiosparksforart.com/project/bellanoch-boats/

i tried disabling social sharing in popup ....

I use this code:

echo do_shortcode('[likebtn dislike_enabled="false" white_label="true" theme="large" i18n_like="Fav!" i18n_like_tooltip="Thank you for your fav!" i18n_after_like="Thanks for your vote!" rich_snippet="true" item_url=$actual_link share_enabled="false"]');

i se the like button on your website ... but it doesnt show on mine

11-23-2015, 10:55 PM
Ypu domain is in the list - https://easylist-downloads.adblockplus.org/fanboy-social.txt


and on my website i see it tries to call //w.likebtn.com/js/w/widget.js so I guess thats why its blocked .... is there a way to host that widget.js file localy ????

So many ppl use adblockers nowadays, this is a big issue for me ...

11-24-2015, 10:34 PM
Hmmm, like button is blocked on my website with "Fanboy's Social Blocking List", but its not blocked here on the forum ? How is that possible