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    Post count reset since server failure


    Before last Friday the like btn was working fine, using this code

    <?php likebtn_post(); ?>

    Then it stopped working but you guys said you fixed it.

    Like other people said, the button was showing twice to me as well (I didn't change the code or added any shortcode anywhere in my templates).

    The <?php likebtn_post(); ?> code stopped working and I had to use this shortcode instead

    <?php echo do_shortcode('[likebtn identifier="share" theme="heartcross" dislike_enabled="0" show_like_label="0" icon_dislike_show="0" tooltip_enabled="0" popup_enabled="0" share_enabled="0"]'); ?>

    The issue now is that the counter is back to 0.

    How can I get all the likes back?


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    looks like you set up same identifier for the whole posts. Votes are duplicated. Try to set it blank, or named as post id:

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