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Try to regenerate button with needed parameters, like you generated working button.
Post new code please, if it will be not working.
Do not type parameters manually.
As i see cache clearing helped.
New button code, as shown below, generated a few minutes ago using your code generator.
No parameters have been typed manually - they never have.
This code does not work, this code results in buttons that when clicked add a like to all buttons.
Clearing cache does not help.

<!-- LikeBtn.com BEGIN -->
<span class="likebtn-wrapper" data-identifier="post_{vb:raw post.postid}" data-white_label="true" data-show_dislike_label="true" data-popup_dislike="true" data-share_enabled="false" data-site_id="5550f6d69b1d1b6e54bdad0f"></span>
<script>(function(d,e,s){if(d.getElementById("likebtn_wjs"))return;a=d.createElement(e);m=d.getElementsByTagName(e)[0];a.async=1;a.id="likebtn_wjs";a.src=s;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a, m)})(document,"script","//w.likebtn.com/js/w/widget.js");</script>
<!-- LikeBtn.com END -->