Hi there,

I'm using likebtn VIP plugin for my site and I want to know how can I locate the button at the top of my post area (it's a particular space) ,because I have myarcadeplugin that not allow me to configure likebtn to the top of the post (the game).

At the moment, I'm including the code manaully on my php page, but I want to figure it out how can I use the plugin's configuration.
I used the link from your page likebtn.com, to generate the code, but the problem is that I lose the POST_ID. I don't want to use the URL Page Link to set this value for my unique ID.

My website: https://argenfy.com/juegos/arcade/to...-monkey-pilot/ , at the top is likebtn configured manually and below is the likebtn configured with the panel from WordPress