Hi there,
I am having issues trying to achieve two functions of the plugin on a Wordpress install.

I have set up the plugin and configured all of the settings etc... but I need to find a way to achieve two things:

1. I need to display "Most liked" for each category (on a custom post type) on my site.

What would be the best way to pull out the top 3 most liked businesses for EACH category? How can I acheive this?

2. This one is even more trickier, this directory is going to be hosted on a subdomain at directory.website.com. The main website will link to this and vice-versa. However, on the main website, I need to add a sidebar that displays "Most liked businesses". This doesn't need to be category specific, however I need to display the most liked businesses on a completely seperate Wordpress install. I was looking into the API and see I can pull the data out via HTML, CSV or JSON. However, the identifier is using the page-url, when I pull this data out, it displays the page url as the title, I need it to display the title and possibly an image. Is this possible? How can I acheive this?

If you can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it!